Remote  access SIR  (RedIRIS Identity Service)

User guide 

What is it?

Federated identity services such as the RedIRIS Identity service, have transferred the passport concept to the digital world. Instead of making the user show different credentials for each website,  users are identified at their institution and receive a kind of temporary ticket which enables them to access all websites  which have a trust relationship.

RedIRIS, the organizational which coordinates the Spanish R+D+i network, has created the SIR ( RedIRIS identity service) to establish the protocols and trust relationships needed between institutions and resources providers.

Using SIR is aimed at those UCLM users which need to access resources the library is subscribed to and which support SIR, from their homes or from any place outside the UCLM.

Who may use the service?

The RedIRIS identity service is available for the whole university community.

This service is not available for those who are no longer associated with the university.

How does it work?

When  the website  of a library resource associated with SIR  is  accessed from home or from outside the UCLM domain:

We will find an identification option which is often known as "Institutional Access", "Begin Session" or "Shibboleth". Within this institutional access, we will have the option to select "RedIris Identity Service" and subsequently "University of  Castilla-La Mancha".

Once selected, we will be redirected to a UCLM page, where we must enter our personal access credentials to the UCLM domain, those we normally use to access the Virtual campus (for students) or those for the Intranet for Services and Administration Staff and Teaching and Research Staff.

Once authenticated, we will be re-directed to the library resources, now, with full access to the resources the UCLM subscribes to.

Conditions of use

 SIR service users must respect the Network Conditions of Use which appears in the Network Security Policy of the University.

What resources subscribed to by the library can be accessed by means of SIR?