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International Students

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha


In the very near future, the PDI, PAS and Students mobility, has become one of the biggest challenges of the Cuenca School of Education.
Regarding the Students mobility, this request is focused on our Students reception abroad, and on the encounter that our School has provided to external students who are coming from international universities and those all who come from other Spanish university regions.
To this intention, two programmes control our School´s mobility. On the one hand, the international mobility policy by the ERASMUS + Programme (the European Union); and, on the other, the interregional mobility policy by the SENECA – SICUE Programme (the Chancellors Conference of Spanish Universities).
In terms of this commitment, and under an international scale, the Cuenca School of Education is promoting and creating partnerships with universities not only in the European Higher Education Area but also with other non-EU countries, both undergraduates and graduates. Regarding our regional mobility policy, not only has the agreements number with other receiving Spanish universities considerably increased but also the number of student visitors from other regions who have visited our School conducted in SICUE Program.
The Cuenca School of Education is still committed to knowledge by means of our international space enlargement and by our programs quality improvement beyond our region and our European Higher Education Area.



The Education Faculty of Cuenca imparts two titles of Degrees:

  • Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Degree in Primary Education


The Degree titles add up to 240 European credits distributed in 4 academic courses (60 credits per course). Each academic course is divided into two semesters of 30 credits for each semester.

The academic courses are divided into the following periods:


  • Period of elective classes: the second week of September until the third week of December.
  • Christmas vacation: the fourth week of December until the first week of January.
  • Exam period for the subjects of the first semester: the second week of January until the end of the same month.


  • Period of elective classes: the first week of February until the third week of May.
  • Holy Week vacation: 8 days of vacation (the dates vary each year, usually in the month of March or April).
  • Exam period for the subjects of the second semester: the third week of May until the first week of June.

The above are only approximate dates. It is recommended to consult the academic calendar.

Erasmus Students can also register for courses available from the programmes offered by other Faculties in the UCLM Campus of Cuenca. A list of courses taught through the medium of English in the different Faculties will be made available at the beginning of the academic year.


STUDY PROGRAMS (English Friendly)



This guide contains information about our Faculty and the University in general – how to arrive from the airport in Madrid, accommodation, sports and cultural activities, medical insurance, information about Cuenca etc.



Coordinator of School of Education in Cuenca:

Julián Serrano Heras (Julian.serrano@uclm.es) Office 0.20 (ground floor). Phone: +34 969179100 (ext. 4723)