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Fátima Guadamillas Gómez 
Tfno.: 925 26 88 00 - Ext. 5011 

Academic Manager for Internationalization and Lifelong Learning

Jordi Gimeno Beviá 
Tfno.: 925 26 88 00 - Ext. 96509 


Office Head:
Mª Gema López Briones
Tfno.: 925 26 88 00 - Ext. 5010

Sonia Sanchón de la Torre
Tfno.: 925 26 88 00 - Ext. 5992

Contact details

Vice-chancellor for Internationalization and Lifelong Learning
Palacio del Cardenal Lorenzana
C/ Cardenal Lorenzana, 1
Tfno.: 925 26 88 00
Fax: 925 26 88 37. Ext. 5010
E-mail: Vic.Internacional@uclm.es

Fátima Guadamillas Gómez
Vice-chancellor for Internationalization and Lifelong Learning

Fátima Guadamillas Gómez

Having graduated and obtained a doctorate in Economics and Business Studies, she joined this institution in the year 2000 as an associate professor of Business Organization, a subject currently taught at the Toledo Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences, after having graduated from the Higher School of Computer Science and the Ciudad Real Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. Professor Fatima Guadamillas also taught  a Master´s Degree  in Strategy and Marketing.

She is author of a range of book chapters and articles on strategic management of innovation, transference of technological resources, knowledge management, business ethics and corporate social responsibility, published in journals such as the International Journal of Business Studies, Universia Business Review or Knowledge and Process Management. She has supervised three doctoral theses on these topics. One of them received the first prize from the Castilla-La Mancha Economic and Social Council in 2007.

Professor Guadamillas regularly participates as a speaker in different and specialized master´s degrees aimed at entrepreneurs and executives, having been academic secretary for the five Master´s editions in Business management and Human Resources (MBA*+ HR) organized by the University of Castilla-La Mancha (2004-2009).

She has been Vice-chancellor for Doctorates and Degrees (January 2008-June 2011) and Vice-chancellor of Academic Affairs and Lifelong learning (June-December 2011) devoted to the academic aspects of the set up of degrees  adapted to the European Space for Higher Education and nurturing lifelong learning at the university of Castilla-La Mancha.