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Renewable Energy Research Institute

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
Destacados IER








The Renewable Energy Research Institute (IER) is a technological center specialized in applied research, development and promotion of renewable energies.

The IER has a team of highly technically qualified professionals who, along with state-of-the-art technological infrastructures, made available the research of projects, both public and private funding, at national and international levels.


Promoting the development of different research lines, as well as specialization studies and technical assistance to the productive sectors, looking for the maximum co-ordination and collaboration along with the public and private sector.

  • Supporting the development and innovation of small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Castilla-La Mancha, both in the use of human and technical equipment to increase their competitiveness, as well as in the standardization and certification process of their products; offering, in addition, a service in the training of their technicians.
  • Contributing to the transfer and dissemination of scientific and technological advances achieved through specialized media. 


In line with these objectives, the IER offers all its human, technological and communication potential at the service of those companies, organizations, or institutions that may demand their services, both in relation to the research work, as well as in the development of the results and its subsequent evaluation; optimizing the resources available to the maximum.


The IER is structured in 5 Sections linked to different aspects of the renewable energies and energy efficiency sector, which is particularly important in the area of Castilla - La Mancha.


Emilio Gómez Lázaro, 967 599 200 ext.: 8200, Emilio.Gomez@uclm.es 

Responsible for sections

Wind and Power Systems: Emilio Gómez Lázaro, 967 599 200 ext.: 8200, Emilio.Gomez@uclm.es

Solar and Energy Efficiency: 
Antonio Enrique Molina Navarro, 967 599 200 ext.: 2435, antonio.mnavarro@uclm.es

Magín Lapuerta Amigo, 967 599 200 ext.: 3807, Magin.Lapuerta@uclm.es

Manuela Andrés Abellán, 967 599 200 ext.: 2817, Manuela.Andres@uclm.es

Fuel cells: 
Jesús Canales Vázquez, 967 599 200 ext.: 8202, Jesus.Canales@uclm.es


María Rosa Jiménez , 967 599 200 ext.: 8221, MariaRosa.Jimenez@uclm.es