The International Doctorate School has a conference room suitable for the defence of doctoral theses at our University.

It is located on the ground floor of the José Prat Building on the Albacete campus and has the necessary material and audiovisual equipment for these events.

The booking must be made by a UCLM user (in order of preference, the secretary of the jury or a member of the jury who is attached to the UCLM, the thesis supervisor or the doctoral candidate him/herself), and the procedure is as follows:

  • In Outlook, we schedule a new meeting in the Calendar section, using the buttons: "New meeting"(normal cases), or "New team meeting", if we also need the videoconferencing service.
  • In "To..." we include the persons summoned to the event (at least the doctoral candidate and his/her supervisor(s), and also add We can include the members of the jury too.)
  • In "Location", click on "Rooms" (to the right of the field) and select (with a double click) the "Room AB Ramón Varón Castellanos (International Doctorate School)". We will see that the persons summoned are added in the "To..." field.
  • We must specify the start and end date and time (endeavouring to match the planned duration).
  • In the text, we write:
    "Defence of the doctoral thesis of _______________ ______________, supervised by doctor/doctors ___________ _____________ in the Doctoral Programme in ________________.
    – Contact details: Telephone: __________________, and email(s):»
  • Click on "Send", and the first response we get will be from the room itself, accepting the booking (if it is, in principle, available) or rejecting it (if it is occupied). We can avoid unsuccessful attempts by checking room availability in advance (before clicking on "Send"), using the "Scheduling Assistant" button.
  • Thus, when the answer is affirmative, the room is successfully booked and available for the indicated thesis defence, unless the School should communicate otherwise. In the case of rejection, we can contact this School by email to, for the priority of the clashing bookings to be assessed.
  • Any need for access to the room for rehearsals or tests must be booked in this same way, bearing in mind that the text of the booking must clearly state that it is for a rehearsal. Its availability for this type of booking is contingent upon other uses.

For more information, please refer to the ICT Area information on the videoconferencing service.