Co-supervision is a form of doctoral training provided for in the regulations, in which the work for the thesis is carried out under the joint supervision of one supervisor from the University of Castilla-La Mancha. and another from a foreign university.

The aim of co-supervision is to develop scientific collaboration between the University of Castilla-La Mancha and other foreign universities, as well as to promote the mobility of doctoral students and researchers.

Co-supervision requires a specific agreement for each doctoral thesis and leads to the award of a doctorate by both universities. The Spanish degree certificate will state “Thesis co-supervised by [name of the foreign university]”.

During the training period required for the doctorate, the student must spend at least six months at each institution doing research work, either in one or several stays. The stays and activities will be stated in the co-supervision agreement.


  1. Those interested in working towards a co-supervised thesis should apply for access to a doctorate at the UCLM in the usual way during the established annual pre-registration periods. The student must meet the legal and academic requirements for access to doctoral studies at both institutions.
  2. His/her pre-registration must include the documents required for verification of the requirements (including, as the case may be, those related to the access with a foreign degree not recognized as equivalent in Spain). These documents must include the application form for this type of doctoral programme provided at the link below.
  3. If admitted to the doctoral programme, the student will promote the signing of a specific co-supervision agreement for his/her doctoral thesis between the two universities, for which the form available at UCLM can be used. However, the IDS will study any other draft provided in accordance with the requirements of the foreign university, in order to check its compatibility with the regulations in force at our University.
  4. Students must maintain their annual enrolment in both institutions during the time of completion of the doctoral thesis, though they are only obliged to pay the academic supervision fees at UCLM in the academic years in which they have a stay at our institution. For the rest of the years, enrolment must be completed within the established period, and the corresponding discount will be applied. Likewise, students must pass their annual doctoral review at the UCLM through the RAPI tool.




There will be only one defence of the thesis, at the university which is stipulated in the co-supervision agreement.

  • If it is UCLM, the student must follow all the steps of the thesis reading and defence procedure available on this website.
  • When the defence takes place at the foreign university, the procedures and requirements established there shall be followed. However, a copy of the thesis must be deposited at UCLM (before the jury’s proposal). Once the deposit has been made and the thesis has been defended, the following documentation must be submitted to the EID:
    • A copy of the defence transcript as may be required by the other university.
    • The original certificate for UCLM using the form available below, duly signed by all members of the jury appointed at the other university.
    • If applicable, the extra documentation required by the UCLM procedure for honours in the PhD diploma ("Cum Laude", Industrial, International) and the reports on the Extraordinary Doctorate Award.




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