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In the presence of the chancellor, Miguel Ángel Collado

The Italian ambassador inaugurated the Degree in International Studies with a conference about the EU.


The Italian ambassador inaugurated the Degree in International Studies with a conference about the EU.

The Italian ambassador, Stefano Sannino, visited the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) to provide the opening speech for the Degree in International Studies, which from this academic year will be taught at the Toledo Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences. In the presence of the chancellor, Miguel Ángel Collado, and with the title ‘Europe. Present and future", the diplomat covered issues such as Brexit, the relationship with the United States and the refugee crisis amongst others.

As regards the background to and the consequences the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will have, Sannino stressed the role this country has had since the Treaty of Rome up to today. "The United Kingdom seeks recognition outside the EU", he stated and warned that the main world economies will continue to put agreements with Europe before those with Britain.

As for the immigration crisis, he stressed that Europe "is a social power today" and that the member states "still have much to contribute as regards immigration and reinforcing the Schengen space". Likewise, the ambassador reminded us that the European Union has passed through three historic stages: the first, in which the priority was the economy; a second in which Europe became a political power, and, according to Saninno, "the European Union is the main power as far as social values are concerned". Regarding these values "the basis of the new European challenges must be established in order to keep building Europe so that it rises above Euro scepticism," he stated.

The diplomat also showed his surprise at the authoritariarism of Donald Trump´s government in the United States" given the good historical relationships” that the European Union has had with the North American country. "I understand that we may be considered as a competitor, but calling us enemies is going too far, I think", he said.

Apart from the chancellor,accompanying the ambassador in his speech before professors and students, were the Vice-chancellor for Internationalization and Lifelong Learning, Fatima Guadamillas; the dean of the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciencess, Alberto Sanz, and the head of the History of Law and Institutions Feliciano Barrios.

UCLM Communication Office Toledo, 16th of October 2018.

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