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Students and Social Responsibility

Libraries Commission


Commission created under the protection of article 9 of the Board of Governors Regulation. There are no regulatory standards. 


  • Chairperson: a Vice-chancellor
  • Secretary: Director of the University Library
  • 8 Members


(Agreements of Board of Governors: 22st of  December 2017)

  • Chairperson (Vice-chancellor´s office for Students and Social Responsibility)
  • Secretary: (Director of the University Library)
  • 8 Members:
    • Ms Sandra Sánchez García (Director of the Cuenca General Library)
    • Mr Ángel Aguilar Bañón  (Director of the Library Service on the Albacete Campus)
    • Ms Mónica María Santos Martín  (Director of the Toledo General Library)
    • Mr Santiago Yubero Jiménez  (Faculty of Education and Humanities-Cuenca)
    • Mr Francisco Javier Jover Martí  (Faculty of  Humanities-Albacete)
    • Mr Arturo Molina Collado (Toledo Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences)
    • Ms Mª. Luisa Rincón Atienza  (Director of the Toledo General Library)
    • Mr Fernando José Terán Sierra  (Higher School of Computer Science-Ciudad Real)
  • 2 students:
    • Mr Daniel Tébar Martínez  (Higher School of Computer Science. AB)
    • Ms Ana Rodriguez de Ambrosio Cepeda  (Faculty of Law and Social Sciences). CR)


  • To propose possible amendments to the University Library Regulation to the university Board of Governors for their approval.
  • To approve the general regulations for running the University Library.
  • To pass on the  proposals it deems pertinent  to the  University Library management  in order to improve how the service is run.
  • To approve, by request of the Directors of the General Libraries of the Campus, by means of the Director of the University Library, the penalties for offences or infringements the users may commit, in accordance with that set out in the Regulation.
  • To determine the general criteria for selection for acquisitions, as well as the location of funds.
  • To study the infrastructure needs of the University Library.
  • To ensure that the funds deposited with the university library are appropriately kept, processed and disseminated.
  • Any other duties which are not specifically attributed to other institutions and are related to the running of the University Library.

Grants Commission


(Agreements of Board of Governors: 21st of February 2012)

  • Chairperson: Ms Ana Carretero García (Vice-chancellor´s office for Students and Social Responsibility)
  • Deputy chairperson: Mr Tomás López Moraga (Manager)
  • Secretary: Mr José Antonio Aguado Parralejo (Technical Director of the  Environmental Management Office)
  • Members 5 professors:
    • Ms Rocío Gómez Gómez  (University College of Technical, Agricultural Engineering-Ciudad Real)
    • Ms Mª. Ángeles Carrasco García  (School of Mine Engineering and Industry-Almaden)
    • Mr Ramón Sánchez González (Faculty of Education-Toledo)
    • Ms María Nieves Pacheco Jiménez  (Faculty of  Social Sciences-Cuenca)
    • Mr Francisco Cebrián Abellán  (Faculty of  Humanities-Albacete)
  • 4 Students (MEC grants)
    • Ms Esther López Jareño. Faculty of Sciences and Chemical Technologies of Ciudad Real
    • Ms Vlada Maksymyuk. Cuenca Faculty of Nursing.
    • Mr Miguel León Sánchez. Toledo Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences
    • Mr Jesús García Castellanos. Faculty of Social Sciences in Talavera de la Reina..
  • 1 Representative of the Autonomous Community (appointed by academic year)
    • Ms Patricia Pérez de Castro
    • Senior Support Technician for the General Directorate of Universities, Research and Innovation from the Council for Education, Culture and Sports.
  • 1. Delegate from the  Ciudad Real  Tax Administration (appointed by academic year)
    • Mr Manuel Romero Gallego, Delegate of the Ciudad Real Tax Administration

Equality Commission

Creation approved by Board of Governors, dated 18th of June of 2009.
The UCLM Equality Unit is a consultative and advisory body which was created on the initiative of the Management Team with the purpose of carrying out duties related to promoting the principle of equality between men and women. Firstly, it will attempt to analyse the position of women in different UCLM groups; and draw up and monitor an Equality Plan, which will establish measures and promote action in different spheres to obtain real equality.
The members of this unit come from different fields such as Law, Psychology and other fields of social sciences due to the direct relationship these have  with the  topics of the equality policies  applied. This is in addition to a student representative and another from the administration and services staff. Most of them have worked on equality topics and so can make a valuable contribution to the unit and the whole university community.

  • Chairperson: Vice-chancellor
  • 4 members of the Teaching and Research Staff
  • 2 members of the Administration and Services Staff
  • 1 student

(Agreements of Board of Governors: 21st of February 2012)

  • Chairperson: Ms Ana Carretero García (Vice-chancellor´s office for Students and Social Responsibility)


Teaching and Research Staff::

  • Mr José Luis Prado Laguna (Faculty of Employment and Human Resources AB)
  • Ms María Esther Almarcha Núñez-Herrador (Faculty of Arts. CR)
  • Ms Alicia Valmaña Ochaita (Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences. TO)
  • Mr Raúl Navarro Olivas (( Faculty of Education and Humanities. CU)

Administrative and Services Staff:

  • Ms Julia Delgado Lázaro (Academic Management Unit. TO)
  • Mr Luis Cervantes Rodrígo (Human Resources Unit. CR)


  • Alberto Castellano Barragán (Student Delegate on the Cuenca Campus)


  • To gather, organize and disclose all information about the training initiatives in equality matters which are  carried out at the different centres and departments of the UCLM:
    • Free choice courses, conferences and seminars
    • Contents included in the study plans materials
    • Specialized Degrees
    • Research
    • Publications
  • To carry out the tasks inherent to an Observatory for Gender Equality which is entrusted with analysing the position and participation of the woman in different spheres of the UCLM. As a result of its findings, it will try to reveal the weak points detected. It will also receive all contributions and suggestions from the university community as a whole.
  • To set in motion an Equality Plan with the correct measures for real comparison of men and women.
    • To promote work and life balance and the social action policies which enable these
    • To promote training activities about the meaning and range of real equality in this sphere 
    • To integrate equal opportunities between men and women at the UCLM as a basic and multidisciplinary principle of this, of its social responsibility plan and its human resources policies.